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Goshen Criminal Defense Lawyer Providing Representation in Orange and Sullivan County NY

Criminal prosecution requires an experienced and knowledgeable Orange and Sullivan County Criminal Defense Lawyer that will fight for you, and in some of the more serious cases, your freedom. The Goshen, NY criminal defense attorney, Lisa Napoletano has over 10 years experience trying criminal cases. She personally handle each and every case. She don’t hand our criminal defense cases over to a junior attorney. She cares about her clients and provide the best advice and criminal defense possible. We understand how the court system works, we have the experience to get the job done and wholly commit ourselves to each and every case we try.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

What is Criminal Defense Law?

Criminal defense law is involved when a person or business has been charged with committing a crime and is being prosecuted by the state or federal government. Any alleged act that violates either federal or state public law is considered a crime. The three elements of most crimes are the act, the mental state and the intent to do social harm. Crimes are classified into two main categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are lesser crimes than felonies and are usually punishable with a fine, court costs, probation or in more serious misdemeanors, a prison sentence of 150 days or less. A few example of misdemeanors are traffic violations, petty theft or a possession of a small amount of marijuana. Felonies are more serious crimes and are typically punishable with imprisonment or long term probation. Examples of felonies are assault with a deadly weapon, grand theft or murder. In criminal law, the prosecution has to prove the guilt of the defendant beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Protect your rights and immediately ask for your lawyer if you’ve been charged with a crime. Never speak with detectives or police officers without the representation of a criminal defense attorney. Anything you say to a police officer may be used against you in a court of law. She will fight for your rights and provide you with dedicated and professional legal representation in   Orange County.

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